Pinellas County Schools Referendum 2020

Creating Opportunities for Pinellas Students

Referendum Facts:
•      This is not a new tax.  It was first approved by voters in 2004, renewed in 2008 & 2012.
•      Every penny collected through the Referendum is locally controlled and goes to Pinellas County teachers and students.
•       An independent committee oversees Referendum spending to ensure that funds are spent as voters intended.
•       80% of Referendum revenue supplements teacher salaries, showing the high value the district places on quality teachers
•       Each year, thousands of students participate in Referendum-funded field trips to museums and art centers.
•       All schools now have digital art labs offering courses like drawing, photography, stop-motion animation and Adobe Illustrator.
•         Equitable music instruction is provided in all elementary schools.
•         Middle and High Schools offer a wide variety of Performing Arts electives including band, chorus, orchestra, guitar, digital music, theater and dance.
•         Robust guitar programs and revived Orchestra programs are now available electives.  HS bands have been outfitted with new uniforms.
•     Reading programs, current textbooks and technology are provided with funds.

The Referendum is up for renewal November 3, 2020.
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Artwork by Pinellas County student Maddie Mondok, “The Color of Jazz”