2019 SHINE Mural Festival - Artist: SHOK-1

Deadline: March 31

Employment requirements/ expectations:

Gallery Assistant…

I. Must dress professionally (business casual during normal operation hours [11am – 6pm], business professional during events)

II. Must arrive no less than 10 minutes early to open and set-up. As well as stay late to close, closing checklist must not begin until after operation hours (11am – 6pm).

III. Must perform daily housekeeping tasks to maintain gallery appearance. (Sweeping floors, taking out trash, feather dusting artwork, cleaning windows, etc.).

IV. Must greet every and all clients who enter the gallery and initiate engagement (ask client questions, do not wait for them to approach you).

V. Must initiate and maintain client correspondence via phone and email. If client is interested in a piece, it is your job to get their contact info and follow-up with them.

VI. Must wear a mask at the discretion of the client. Masks are not required in the gallery, but we will wear them if that is what is most comfortable for the client.

VII. Must have occasional weekend availability.


*** Many assistants are working artists, so it is important that the assistant does not use the gallery as a platform to sell their own artwork, unless they have paid for a contract to do so. This statement is to ensure that the assistant will not try to show or sell their work to clients. ***


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