2019 SHINE Mural Festival - Artist: SHOK-1

Deadline: Rolling

Asolo Repertory Theatre (Asolo) invites talented theatrical visionaries interested in building significantly upon one of the nation’s most thriving producing organizations to submit applications for its Producing Artistic Director (PAD) position. The PAD serves as Asolo’s chief executive officer, leading all planning and execution of an annual program of plays and musicals performed for the yearlong and seasonal patrons of Sarasota, the vibrant and culturally significant gulf shore Florida city. With a talent for curating seasons that feature a blend of musicals, soul-inspiring stories, comedic flourishes, and thoughtful ruminations on modern life, the PAD will come to this role with deep experience and knowledge of the theatrical canon. Ideally the PAD will be an artistic practitioner in their own right as a stage director, dramaturg, or performer, but the first priority for this position is the oversight and care of Asolo as an institution. As Asolo’s current longtime Producing Artistic Director and Managing Director transition from their roles after highly successful tenures, the new PAD will have the opportunity to shape a vision for the future that is informed by excellence, high regard for the care and welfare of the organization, and creativity.

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