2019 SHINE Mural Festival - Artist: SHOK-1

Deadline: Rolling

Fairgrounds St. Pete is an innovative arts, entertainment and technology destination celebrating Florida themes through immersive experiences and storytelling.

The Marketing & Collaborations Coordinator role presents an opportunity to grow with our dynamic team.

Position Overview

In this full-time role, you will support Fairgrounds St. Pete and work directly with the Chief Marketing Officer in communicating the brand and public relations by telling the story of Fairgrounds St. Pete in order to drive engagement, ticket sales and revenue through communications and relationships with our collaborators.

You will serve as a valued partner of our team to assist in the development of communications to help keep artists and the community informed, inspired, and connected to the mission and our common values through digital content including the company website, social media, email, and advertisements.

In this role you will support communications with a group of 60-80 collaborators, such as artists and designers, with duties including scheduling, procuring merchandise, communications, process documentation, administration, budgeting and studio visits.

The Marketing & Collaborations Coordinator will write, develop, edit and publish content and digital media advertising, copy and visuals for a variety of digital platforms, including social media, the company website, blogs, videos, email marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns as well as be able to measure and report on the success of such campaigns.

This role will be instrumental in helping Fairgrounds St. Pete gain exposure and leads through organic reach, digital advertising and earned media.

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