2017 SHINE Mural Festival - Artist: Jujmo

Deadline: November 30

CICA Museum invites artists and fashion designers worldwide to participate in the international exhibition, “Experimental Fashion & Fiber Art.” The exhibition will feature experimental clothing, wearable art, fashion photography, fashion drawings, concept drawings, fiber art, textile art, and works regarding issues related to fashion and/or wearable technologies.

*Deadline: November 30, 2021

The categories include:

  • Painting, Drawing, and Print
  • Sculpture, Clothing, & Installation Art
  • Photograph & 2D Digital Art
  • Video & Interactive Art


  • Photographs & 2D Digital Art
    Selected works will be printed in 10×15 or 10×10 inches, framed, and installed by our curators & assistants. If requested by the artist, works can be printed and framed in larger sizes. Additional fees may apply.
  • Video & Interactive Art
    We will provide projectors and DVD/DIVX players for the show. Multiple single-channel works will be screen through a projector. Our curators & assistants will install your work(s) according to your installation guidelines. If the work is required to be screened through a projector exclusively, or more than two projectors/monitors are needed, please indicate the special requirements in the submission email. Additional fees may apply.
  • Physical Work & Installation Art
    The artist is responsible for the shipment and delivery of his/her physical work to and from CICA Museum, as well as all related expenses. The work should be no larger than 39 inch (1 m) on the longest length for a 2 dimensional work and no larger than 39x39x79 inches (1 x 1 x 2 m, w x l x h) for an installation piece. Please indicate in the submission email if you are interested in exhibiting larger works.

*Exhibition Dates: June 22 – July 31, 2022
The dates are subject to change.

*How to submit your work: Please visit our website here for more information