2017 SHINE Mural Festival - Artist: Jujmo

Deadline: October 30 10:00 PM

Our juried art market supports and promotes local artists that will be selling or displaying their original artworks. This is our 5th year having an Art Market, 3rd indoors. The art market also brings artwork to this area by very talented artists and ART activities to the community. You can buy local and get to know the artists instead of driving 1 hour away.

Our booth prices are the lowest in the area for an indoor 2-day event. Don't let the low booth prices make you think low quality, very much to the contrary. Our booth prices are low as we don't believe in taking more than needed from the artists and we organize, plan and execute the art market all with volunteers from the Parrish Arts Council. We also keep the booth prices low and don't charge the public from attending. The proceeds help pay for the event, allow us to continue to grow, help in getting a physical location and bring more art to the community. Admission is FREE. You will only see original artwork for sale and on display.

Basic guidelines - 2 day event, must be original artwork, max of 2 artist per booth

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