Deadline: December 4

Love & Fire Improv Auditions!

Love & Fire Improv is “edu-tainment improv” all about fun & healthy dating, relationships, & sexuality.

About Love & Fire Improv:

  • Our playful, sexy blend: 80% entertainment / 20% “edu-tainment”
  • Our Mission: to make dating, relationships, & sexuality wisdom easily accessible to the public by delivering it through outrageously fun entertainment!
  • Rated R: no nudity, but our diversity of topics, themes, and wisdom will be unabashedly “Rated R.” Our scenes will cast us all as heroes (and villains) of emotional intelligence, healthy boundaries, relationship agreements, great flirting, real intimacy, the importance of foreplay, conscious kink, and more
  • Cast safety and boundaries are paramount. Cast boundaries may change over time as we build trust together, but they will always be core to our work as entertainers AND role models for our audiences/fans


For more information and to apply, click here.