Make America What America Must Become

Deadline: April 8

The Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans announces their first open call exhibition for Gulf South Artists.

“Great men have done great things here, and will again, and we can make America what America must become.” – James Baldwin

America is an anxious nation chasing a more perfect union. As its political body struggles along the arc of justice, the truths “we” hold, rarely appear self-evident. Complicated by an overtly mediated era, today’s social movements demand a punctuated examination of #historicalconsequence and #power. At this moment, the distance between Art and Politics—reflection and response—seems to be collapsing.

During a summer of electoral consternation, the CAC is excited to present Make America What America Must Become, the first open call spotlighting the work of visual artists in the Gulf South states of Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. The exhibition will be on view at the CAC from July 18 until September 6.

In the context of our shifting regional landscape, we are seeking artwork across media that examines how power is made manifest in culture, politics, economics and ecology. We are also curious to see works that were created urgently in response to the current political paradigm and reflect broadly on the conjuring and churning of the American fever dream.

Detailed guidelines are here.

An online application can be found here.