Introducing the SHINE Drive-In Mural Theater

The 80+ amazing SHINE murals created by local, national and international artists have been turned into a Drive-In Theatre art experience by the kind folks at Pixelstix, who install the markers you can use with your smart phone to bring up the descriptive SHINE audio tour and text transcript, to find out more about the art and artists when you’re visiting the murals.

It’s easy to use. Here are the Step-by-Step instructions:

  • Download and open the free PixelStix app. Here’s how.
  • Enter the Drive-In Mural Theater by opening the app.
  • Click on the Map icon
  • Click on Popular
      • You’ll see an exciting range of mural tours.

      • Choose Drive-In Shine Mural Theater
          • You’ll see a map, with mural locations.
          • Drive to any of the murals on the Map and park your car where you and your audience have a good view. Begin and end wherever you’re inspired to go.
          • Murals on the Map are paired, so that you can park once and enjoy two murals.
          • Click on the P, the Pixelstix logo that shows where you are on the map. 
            • Click on View Content.

          . . .

          • That opens up a page like this. 

        . . .

          • Scroll down a bit and you’ll find the Soundcloud player so you can hear the audio tour, and a text transcript if you’d rather read.
            . . .
          • When you’re finished, hit the back button twice in the PixelStix app to return to the map so you can drive to your next stop.

        . ..

        drive in
        . . .
        Many thanks to the creative folk at Pixelstix!