Karen Eber Davis

Fall Leadership Forums Kick Off with Karen Eber Davis

If you haven’t learned to mind your own business, yet. . . well, perhaps the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance can help. Particularly if your business is in the arena of the arts and nonprofits – and you are looking to build revenue and reputation in a culturally competitive market like St Petersburg.

This fall, the Arts Alliance’s Third Thursday Leadership Forums will bring together nonprofit professionals from both practicing and consulting backgrounds in the industry.

The first session on August 15 will feature guest speaker Karen Eber Davis, of Karen Eber Davis Consulting in Sarasota. Ms. Davis’s area of expertise focuses on the link between successful leadership and revenue growth for nonprofits.

Through her innovative vision of building exceptional nonprofits using leadership, board and fundraising techniques, she’s succeeded in increasing revenue growth up to almost 300 percent in some of her clients portfolios. Her list of clients include Habitat For Humanity, Meals On Wheels for America, Catholic Charities, Easter Seals and Clothes For Kids. She is the author of 7 Nonprofit Income Streams and the forthcoming Let’s Raise Millions Together.

When asked about the greatest challenge facing nonprofit and cultural leaders today, Ms. Davis replied, “Shrinking the gap between the vision and the mission needs of the organization and the resources at hand [time, money, people.]”

Her upcoming talk is, Stop Leaving Money On the Table: How to Innovate, Add Value and Supercharge Your Sponsorship Returns. This promises to be a valuable, interactive session to increase your nonprofit sponsorship revenue.

Third Thursday Leadership Forums will be held from August through November, 8:00-9:30 a.m. at the Greenhouse, 440 2nd Avenue North in downtown St Petersburg. Sessions are free for Arts Business Partners, or $10 each. Register early as each class is limited to 24 participants.

You can register here.

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance is dedicated to fundraising and advocacy for the growth and success of arts and cultural organizations, artists in all disciplines and nonprofit creative businesses. The Arts Alliance is also committed to professional education.

Its recent sold-out Arts Business Academy taught professionals and arts administrators how to grow and promote their careers as a small business would do. This is a direct reflection of the Alliance’s philosophy that working artists are, in fact, small business owners and part of St. Petersburg’s vibrant economy.

SPAA is grateful to volunteer Soleil Simone who interviewed Ms. Davis and wrote this article.