Arnie Arluke received a 2018 Individual Artist Grant to photograph local roller derby skaters posed in iconic and historical St. Petersburg locations, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Albert Whitted Airport, The Dalí Museum and the Saturday Morning Market.

As Arluke explains, “When I moved to St. Petersburg in 2015, I started photographing the monthly bouts of the city’s roller derby team, the Deadly Rival. I captured the action and drama at the Slayground where skaters compete against other roller derby teams. I soon realized there was an equally compelling visual story to tell about them off the track when they dropped their ‘skating faces’ and one could see their everyday beauty, strength, humor and quirkiness.”

Although Deadly Rival has existed for almost 20 years, its presence in St. Petersburg is not widely known. It’s a thrilling sport to watch, operates on one of the few, more challenging “banked tracks” in the country, and provides opportunities for local women who wish to participate in a competitive team sport. These images feature present and past members of the team.

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