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Collectors’ Guide to St. Pete

The City of St. Petersburg is distributing 35,000 copies of a carefully curated Art Collectors Guide, targeting art collectors and buyers in Florida and around the U.S.

The guide aims to market St. Petersburg not just as a City with a strong arts community, but as a place for collectors to add to or begin their collections.

The arts and culture movement in St. Petersburg is a key driver for the City’s economic development engine. Through the Grow Smarter initiative, the Creative Arts sector has been identified as one of the five industry clusters with the greatest potential to create jobs and raise incomes in St. Pete.

In an effort to serve the local art community and strategically position St. Petersburg as a destination for art collectors and buyers, the City worked with the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance and art community stakeholders to carefully craft a comprehensive guide that takes collectors on a visual tour of the city’s art landscape.

Many locals are aware that St. Pete provides the perfect backdrop for visual arts patrons looking for unique finds, specifically in the glass and clay mediums, and for enthusiasts just starting to collect original work. This message will now be told to a targeted external audience.

“This is just one of many marketing tactics supporting the storyline of arts as an economic development driver in St. Petersburg” says Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin. “The Grow Smarter initiative outlines strategic ways for this city to continue its growth – the arts and their sustainability play a huge role.”

The guide will be distributed to 35,000 art collectors in the Northeast and Florida markets, Museum Directors and Interior Designers across Florida, and national and regional media outlets.

You can view the online version here: www.stpete.org/collectorsguide

For a physical copy of the guide, you can contact Nina Mahmoudi: nina.mahmoudi@stpete.org.