Latin Dance. . . Martin Rivera and Denise Rivera

Residents of St. Petersburg, Martin and Denise were three-time British South American showcase champions and represented Great Britain in several World Championships.

For Capturing Dance this dynamic duo performed the Paso Doble, dance of the bullfighter – as well as the Rumba, the Latin dance of love and sensuality.

Photographed at the historic Coliseum in St. Petersburg by Tom Kramer.

Tango. . . Martin Rivera and Beatrice Lopez

At its heart the Argentine Tango is an improvised social dance. It is a dance of passion, seduction, intrigue and sensuality.

In contrast, International Ballroom Style Tango is more a dance of the elites, sharp, elegant and filled with calmness and restrained emotion.

Photographed in the Morgan Membership Garden at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg by Tom Kramer.