Call to Clay Artists – Playing with Fire

Deadline: December 4

Saratoga Clay Arts Center seeks submissions of functional and decorative ceramic works by clay artists who play with fire.

These works are plucked from altered atmospheres – those changed by wood, smoke, salt or the like.

Juror and Massachusetts potter Mark Shapiro writes, “The extent to which firing demands and engages the potter varies broadly, depending on type of kiln, its design, how it is loaded, fired, and even cooled. The continuum from computer-programmed electric top-loaders to gas kilns (in their heating and cooling and reduction cycles), and the many configurations of wood kilns from small “fast-fire” to subway-car length anagamas that fire for a week or more, demand increasing preparation and commitment. Before pots even go into the kiln, there is wood to split, stack, and season, as well as teams of stokers to recruit and organize.

Those of you are trying to get away with something, playing with fire, or embracing the unknown gifts of the kiln gods, this exhibition is for you.

Details and an online application can be found here.