Call for Visual Art Centered on Self-Determined Ethical Queer Representation

Deadline: February 24

SaveArtSpace is accepting applications for We Exist – The Future is Fluid, a group public art and gallery exhibition centered on self-determined ethical queer representation through visual art.

Our call for art asks creators nationwide to provide visual representation of gender fluidity and authentic self expression outside the confines of the normative binary. We ask people submitting work to speak and make work from a personal space, to capture their most authentic identity.

Our aim is to draw awareness towards postgenderism, as well as to create more a positive, destigmatized image for LGBTQAI+ Trans and non-binary people’s existence.

Selected artists will be exhibited on billboard ad space in Detroit MI, beginning April 6. The art will also be on view at TBA gallery in Detroit from April 17 – May 2.

The exhibit is curated by Cyrah Dardas, Noura Ballout and Bakpak Durden.

Details and an online application can be found here.