Call for Photography Exploring the Concept of “Fractured”

Deadline: January 12

photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe NM is celebrating its 40th anniversary with our first Open Call. We invite the submission of photographic works exploring the concept of “Fractured.”

Artists are encouraged to be creative in their interpretation of the theme.

Today, our world can seem divided in a multitude of ways. Between debates over climate change, families split at national borders and our divided political systems, concepts like societal unity and harmony feel like a distant hope. On a personal level, humans can feel fissured, split and incomplete in our thoughts and emotions.

The concept of fracture can have both positive and negative connotations, however. Acknowledging that something is broken is the first step in healing. How can art be a platform for expressing and bridging these personal and social divides? What role does the photographer play in observing, documenting and healing the fractured landscapes around and within us all?

The exhibit will be on display February 28 through May 23.

Details and an online application can be found here.