Arts Alliance will lead ACE Pinellas

Press Release

The Pinellas Cultural Foundation has selected the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance to continue its arts education mission with the Arts Alliance now assuming the countywide leadership for the ACE Pinellas (Arts for a Complete Education) program.

“The Pinellas Cultural Foundation is sunsetting after 24 years of public leadership that ensured that we have arts education in our schools,” states John Collins, Executive Director of the Arts Alliance. “We are honored to work with the Cultural Foundation’s board and director during this transition.  They have established extremely high standards and their advocacy and vigilance on behalf of our students is inspiring and effective.  Our Arts Alliance board has pledged to continue this critical work as part of our strategic plan to support arts education in-school, after-school and professional development.”

Pinellas Cultural Foundation Board Chair, Bill Heller states, “We have seen the Arts Alliance’s commitment to arts education and look forward to helping them serve schools countywide.  The Foundation’s director, Judith Powers will join the Arts Alliance board and help guide this important work.”

The ACE committee will continue to educate the community about arts education issues; recommend policies that support continued arts education opportunities; attend school board and Pinellas legislative delegation meetings; and recognize and honor principals with an annual appreciation event.  Committee members will remain vigilant to all issues which might affect the delivery of arts curricula.

Under the Arts Alliance’s umbrella, ACE committee volunteers will continue to serve as an advocates for arts education for all students; monitor decision making as it affects arts education, develop and support collaborations among schools, artists, arts organizations and the community; and maintain an organizational structure and the resources to support the above goals.

ACE steering committee members include community arts education advocates; parent advocates; arts educators representing cultural institutions; representatives of the County Council of Parent Teacher Associations; Pinellas Art Education Association; Pinellas Association for Theatre Education; and the Pinellas County Music Education Association.  Working with the ACE Pinellas steering committee, the Arts Alliance’s Education Committee will continue ACE’s mission to promote arts education in Pinellas County Schools.


The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance is the umbrella organization serving the arts and cultural community: advocating for the arts; facilitating the growth of the arts community; and driving arts-related economic development in St. Petersburg.