Art Review from Our High School Correspondent

Jim Swallow and Stereo Photography

By Rowan V.

Come and visit Jim Swallow and a variety of other artists at Soft Water Studios. The exhibition may be on its final week, but you can come on Second Saturday ArtWalk and explore Soft Water Studios along with 29 other artists’ works.

As well as viewing the intriguing artwork displayed, there are artists working in the studios of the building most times during the exhibit hours, Thursday and Friday from 11-5. The artists are in and out at their own pace but if they are there most would love to chat! There are business cards for all the artists in the exhibit and at the front of the building as well. All the art is for sale in the exhibit, including the stereo photographs, though admission is free!

On display are Jim Swallow’s photographs of artists working, displayed with the artists’ art. The old concept of stereo photography is revived in an interesting and fresh way to converge the process and final work of an artist. Along with stereo photography, there is a variety of mediums on display at Soft Water Studios.

The studio has great COVID measures in place. The studio requires masks at all times, cleaning stations for the stereoscopes used to view the artwork, and a six feet distance requirement for all viewers at all times.

I personally really enjoyed the photographs. They were really interesting and though an old technology, they were refreshing and cool to look at. I also enjoyed Mark Aeling’s lip sculptures. They were really interesting, especially the materials that were used – the colored pencils were really peculiar but so interesting. The colored pencils interested me because they were sort of something I’ve seen recently – using something unexpected and ordinary to create something unexpected and un-ordinary.

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Our art correspondent, Rowan V., is a student at Hollins High School. She is studying film, photography, and art and design.