ACE: Arts for a Complete Education

“The orchestra serves as a model for society…you don’t have to like your stand partner,
but you do have to start playing at the same time.”
-Liz Schurgin, Executive Director of the D.C. Youth Orchestra.

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance approved the acquisition of the Arts for a Complete Education -ACE – program from the Pinellas Cultural Foundation to continue the mission to advocate for and support arts education in Pinellas County Schools, September, 2015.

The arts are basic to a complete education. ACE believes every child in every school should receive a well-rounded education that includes a comprehensive, sequential, high-quality program of arts instruction, taught by certified arts teachers.

The arts offer a perfect opportunity to teach our youth that all they have to do is try, and keep trying even when it’s difficult, a life lesson that will be carried with them forever. Preparing for exhibiting works and performing at public events encourages self-discipline, collaboration, perseverance and pride in accomplishment. The arts provide a healthy channel for emotions and self-expression. All of these benefits contribute to the academic and social development of young artists.

Arts Education is Vital*

  • Students with four years of art or music in high school
    average significantly better on their SAT scores.
  • Students of low socioeconomic status who are highly involved in the arts
    are five times less likely to drop out than their peers.
  • Students highly involved in the visual or performing arts are four times more
    likely to be recognized for academic achievement.
  • Students highly involved in the arts are 20 percent more likely to earn
    a bachelor’s degree and 17 percent more likely to volunteer.
  • Students succeed in the workplace: Arts education encourages and cultivates
    creativity; and 72 percent of business leaders say creativity is the
    number one skill they seek when hiring.

*from Americans for the Arts

St. Petersburg Arts Alliance is proud to include ACE Pinellas in its roster of programs and services for our community.

For more information, check out our Education Resources link, or email us at info@stpeteartsalliance.org.