Southeastern Guide Dogs Puppy Raisers - Murals - Ricky Watts - photo by Paul Carroll

Accessible Audio Tour of St Pete Murals

The Arts Alliance is excited to release our new Accessible Audio Tour, sharing our amazing St. Petersburg murals with visually-impaired visitors – and with everyone who enjoys vivid descriptions and the stories behind each mural’s creation.

Thanks to the generous support of AARP Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg is the first city in the country to offer a tour like this.

This first phase of what we hope is an ongoing project includes 40 popular murals.

You can listen to the audio on your computer or smart phone. Clicking on the address will open the location up in Googlemaps. Future funding opportunities will make it easier to pull up audio at each site.

Earbuds are recommended, for ease of listening at outdoor locations.

The talented actor and singer, Eugenie Bondurant, is the voice you’ll hear.

Photos are by Edel Mohr. Scripting and production by Matt and Sheila Cowley.

Many thanks to VSA Arts, Amber DiPietra and Southeastern Guide Dogs for feedback.

And cheers to Southeastern Guide Dog’s enthusiastic Central Pinellas Puppy Raiser Group, gathered here in front of Ricky Watts‘ mural, Eye of the Storm. Photo by Paul Carroll.

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