Congratulations to the creative artists who were honored with a 2019 Individual Artist Award to fund an upcoming project that engages our community.

Keep an eye out for these exciting new exhibits, performances, workshops, murals, recordings, books and videos.

Tiffany will offer an introductory hands-on workshop that will allow approximately 40 students ages 11-18 the opportunity to create a piece of sterling jewelry. Students from the Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast at Northside will participate, and classes will be held at the St. Pete Women’s Collective’s facility, Venus, 244 Dr. ML King. Jr. St. N.

This project will allow students to leave the workshop a bit more open-minded about career options that are available to them, and help narrow the gap between free artistic creations and sustainable living.

A photo exhibit primarily featuring dance artists who live and work in St. Petersburg can carry the Tampa Bay “arts alive” message nationally and internationally.

The exhibit will be featured in the “The Dance Hall,” a six-week dance festival sponsored by The Studio@620 in September and October. The exhibit will be curated by Artistic Director Bob Devin Jones and Robin O’Dell, former Photo Curator of the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg. The festival will include performances, workshops, lectures and community collaborative events.


Polly Perkins

Polly will be designing, purchasing and carving a 30” by 60” wood panel this summer, then printing three large woodblock impressions at the two-day Big Ink Workshop on September 28-29 at The Morean Art Center. Following the workshop she will assist in organizing and installing an exhibit of participants’ prints at The Morean.


Adriana will be introducing a program she calls Mark Makers to the campers from the Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast at Northside. During two 4-week sessions, she will share her love of watercolor painting using a portable field sketch set that allows the children to bring painting and creativity with them anywhere. Each young artist will take their set home at the close of the session in the hope that this new practice travels with them beyond the camp setting.

After decades as a local performing musician and mother, she is at a point in her life where Linda has raised her family and can finally focus on her craft – performance – and showcase her composition skills.

As a jazz musician, Linda wants to take her music to the level of jazz performance soloist and composer. She will produce a professional recording of her body of work to facilitate her progression as a musician.

Dwight will be making the pilot episode of his animated concept, The McSenses. The McSenses are a family who shoot commercials for and endorse products they know very little about. The products are produced from a dark brooding castle in the sky – and the family eventually learns more about where the products come from, and the harm they cause people and the environment. Through family confrontation and intervention they figure out how to set things right and restore peace to the town and world.


Rebecca and Karen will paint two small murals in the Central Avenue stairwell to ArtLofts at Florida CraftArt Gallery.

They will make a visual statement that will attract passers-by to take selfies with the art— playful visual souvenirs they can post on social media to further promote art in the city, create awareness of the studios upstairs and increase attention to Florida CraftArt Gallery. It is the intention that the mural become part of the Mural Arts tour hosted by the Florida CraftArt Gallery.

Brandy is coordinating an art show, Everything AUGUSTus, at Art Lofts, with an open call for Tampa Bay area artists.

The juried exhibit will feature Greco-Roman themed works in honor of Caesar Augustus, for whom the month is named, and artists of all backgrounds are welcome to submit.

Tom’s project will be to create, print and distribute books exhibiting photographs of the Daylight series. The distribution of these books in and around St. Petersburg will encourage communication across communities, as the books portray the diversity of our area. Social media will also be employed in order to further the conversation surrounding the work, specifically on Instagram.

Xina’s project is to exhibit and produce an annual juried photographic art show founded in 2014 to support and develop the photographic art community in Tampa Bay, where previously there were few opportunities exclusively for photographers.  Files & Film has given over 20 awards to artists to add to their CV, artists have met each other through the show and even started their own groups and societies.

Maxwell will have performances of two of his original compositions, “Halfway To Alright,” and “Win Or Learn,” performed by local musicians and recorded by a local videographer to highlight two art studios in the Warehouse Arts District. He will also record a new EP, which will include studio recordings of the two songs from the video project, as well as three additional original compositions. These songs will include the voices of Maxwell with other local, working musicians.

Daniel will build an outdoor sculpture of a locomotive engine, which children will mosaic with tile during summer camp at the Morean Center for Clay.

The sculpture will be a concrete locomotive engine measuring two feet tall and six feet long. The sculpture will serve as a symbol of the building’s early history as a train station and also as a bench that Clay Center patrons and members can rest on and enjoy the train station’s beautiful grounds.

Jan Neuberger, actor and aspiring playwright, is planning a reading of her first full-length play, Way Beyond Water.

Audience members will be invited to share their impressions in a post-reading discussion. The projected date for the reading is currently July 27, at a downtown St. Petersburg location to be determined. Firm date, time and location will be shared on social media well in advance of the reading.

Jessica is seeking to delve into the senses through photography and dance. Driven by the notion of how an individual experiences emotional pleasure through the journey of pain, the community will witness a performative experience of photography exhibiting physical pain while dancers explore the journey of the healing process through live performance.

While the audience takes a journey with the dancers in performance, they will get a chance to bid and take home their very own photograph as reminder that we all have a capability to heal. Proceeds will benefit the Patrick Brett Charity Foundation for Fresh Start Scholarships in St. Petersburg.

Jaye will be conducting interviews with several St. Petersburg residents during May – August and co-creating theatrical scripts based on the powerful stories of their lives. She will then direct local professional actors and craft an evening of live theatre creating these stories.

A photograph of each of these stories will be displayed as part of Know Your Neighbors: A City-Wide Photo Trail, which will be installed in several St. Petersburg Libraries and other local venues in September-October.

With funding from the City of St. Petersburg’s Office of Cultural Affairs,
the St. Pete Arts Alliance is proud to make this annual program possible.