Polly Perkins

2019 Artist Awards!

Congratulations to the creative artists who were honored with an Individual Artist Award to fund an upcoming project that engages our community.

Keep an eye out for these exciting new exhibits, workshops, classes, murals, recordings, books and videos.

An introductory hands-on workshop that will allow approximately 40 students ages 11-18 the opportunity to create a piece of sterling jewelry.

Jewelry making isn’t an easily accessible skill or medium for those who do not reside in affluent neighborhoods. This project will allow students to connect the gap between free artistic creations and sustainable careers.

Students from the Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast at Northside will participate, and classes will be held at the St. Pete Women’s Collective in downtown St. Pete.

Creation of a photo exhibit primarily featuring dance artists who live and work in St. Petersburg but carry the Tampa Bay “arts alive” message nationally and internationally through their touring work.

An exhibit of this work will be featured in Dance Initiative 1, a six-week dance festival sponsored by The Studio@620 during September and October of 2019. The exhibit will be curated by Artistic Director Bob Devin Jones and Robin O’Dell, former photo curator of the Museum of Fine Arts. The festival will include performances, workshops, lectures and community collaborative events.

Designing, purchasing and carving a 30” by 60” wood panel this summer, then printing three large woodblock impressions during the two-day Big Ink Workshop September 28-29 at The Morean Art Center.

Following the workshop Polly will assist in organizing and installing an exhibit of prints created by workshop participants at The Morean Art Center. The prints will be on display to the public, along with graphics explaining the process and workshop.

Introduce Mark Makers to the Methodist Town Boys and Girls Club Summer Day Camp that centers around watercolor painting and the specific use of a watercolor field sketch set.

This small set allows the young artist to bring their practice anywhere. The hope is that while painting starts at camp, children will bring their artistic practice home, along with their watercolor sketch set.

The camp program brings the arts to underserved children in St. Pete. Our intention is to welcome additional artists to this effort under an umbrella network called Free to Create.

After decades as a local performing musician and mother, I am at a point in my life where I have raised my family and can finally focus on my craft – performance – and showcase my composition skills.

As a jazz musician, I want to take my music to the level as a soloist and composer. I need a professional recording of my body of work to proceed seriously at this level and to be considered for opportunities to play in concert and at festivals.

To produce the pilot episode of my cartoon concept, The McSenses. The McSenses are a family who shoot commercials for and endorse products, each one having a heightened sense related to the products that they endorse.

Throughout the series the family learns more about their products and the harm that they cause people and the environment. They figure out how to set things right and restore peace to the town and world. This pilot would introduce the characters, show them selling products and foreshadow the evil that will come from such innocent packaging.

To paint a small mural in the Central Avenue stairwell to ArtLofts at the Florida CraftArt Gallery.

We will make a fun visual statement that will attract passers-by to take selfies with the art — playful visual souvenirs they can post on social media to further promote art in the city, create awareness of the studios upstairs and increase attention to Florida CraftArt Gallery. Part of the project is to do the stairwell section by having colorful horses run up to the first landing.

It is our intention that the mural become part of the Mural Arts tour hosted by Florida CraftArts.


Creation, printing and distribution of books exhibiting photographs of the Daylight series, photographs of locals who are active in the St. Pete artistic community.

The distribution of these books in and around St. Petersburg will encourage communication across communities. As the series does, the books will portray the diversity of our area.

Files & Film is an annual juried photographic art show founded in 2014 to support and develop the photographic art community in Tampa Bay, where previously there were little to no opportunities exclusively for photographers

In 6 years, the exhibit has impacted over 150 artists and helped launch relationships between artists and galleries. Some artists develop collections and solo shows from the feedback received from other artists, jurors and sponsors. Files & Film has given over 20 awards to artists and a handful of artists have received grants using this award-winning work in their proposals.

Files and Film 2019 is an established annual project that is planned over a year in advance. The show is fully branded. The calendar is set, all elements are in progress for our opening on May 4 at MIZE Gallery.


Cody Doss

Daniel Dobrow

Jessica Obiedzinski

Jaye Sheldon

With funding from the City of St. Petersburg’s Office of Cultural Affairs,
the St. Pete Arts Alliance is proud to make this annual program possible.